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Gilbert, Arizona has changed a lot over the years. It used to be a farming community with nothing to offer city slickers, and while there is still farming in Gilbert, thanks to significant growth, Gilbert, Arizona is the place to be. Here’s 10 things to enjoy in Gilbert, Arizona: 

1. Gilbert, Arizona is growing faster every day.

Gilbert, Arizona is the place to beGilbert, Arizona is the place to be

Everyone wants to live in Gilbert. And there’s proof. The population in Gilbert is one of the fastest growing in the nation, increasing from 5,717 in 1980 to 208, 453 in 2010 as of the 2010 census. So get down here before everyone else does!



2. Gilbert, Arizona Consistently Ranks As One Of The Best Places To Live

Gilbert, Arizona is the place to beGilbert locals have known all along that their city is one of the best spots on earth, but now they have proof. With good public schools, affordable healthcare options, low crime rates, and sunny skies, Gilbert earned its place on CNN Money’s list of Best Places To Live countrywide. The family-friendly neighborhoods set in a community that caters to people who enjoy active lifestyles make residents happy to call Gilbert home.


3. Gilbert, Arizona Has More Golf Courses Than Cacti

Gilbert, Arizona is the place to beOkay, not really. There’s a lot of cacti. But Gilbert also has a huge selection of golf courses and residents here take their favorite recreational sport very seriously. You can head to Greenfield Lakes or Westfield Skies for traditional 18-hole, or you can get the abridged version if you’re in a hurry at Trinity on Power Ranch.


4. It’s a Biker’s Dream Come True

Gilbert, Arizona is the place to beGilbert is well known for its Central Trail System that offers 135 miles of enjoyment for outdoor enthusiasts. Along with its equestrian tracks are over 54 miles of marked bike trails where you can ride along the canals and check out a view that hikers around the country could only dream of.



5. You Can Work On Your Kick Flips Til The Sun Goes Down

Gilbert, Arizona is the place to beLocated inside Freestone Park is a much beloved 22,000 square feet skate park for all the little Tony Hawks in Gilbert to practice their skills. Bikes, inline skates, and scooters are all allowed here at this unsupervised park. Don’t forget the helmet, it’s the law in Gilbert. 





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6. Star Gazing Takes On A Whole New Meaning

Gilbert, Arizona is the place to beNot many people can say that they have an observatory in their backyard, but in Gilbert you can. The Gilbert Centennial Rotary Observatory is located on the grounds of Freestone and is home to massive, state-of-the-art 16’ diameter computerized scope. Visitors can come look every Friday and Saturday evening from September through June. Freestone also has a lake with ducks, multiple playgrounds, and Freestone’s Concert In The Park, a series of outdoor musical fun and entertainment.


7. Did You Know, There’s Wakeboarding In Arizona?

Gilbert, Arizona is the place to beSurfers might find themselves bored in Gilbert, but what’s a surfer doing in Arizona, anyway? Besides, that’s all the more reason to learn how to wakeboard. The Boardhub, offers crazy fun wakeboarding lessons for everyone from the absolute beginner to the mega-experienced. Grab the rope and go out on the lake for the ride of your life.



8. Gilbert, Arizona Eats Enough Ice Cream For A City Three Times It’s Size

Gilbert, Arizona is the place to beWith Arizona’s soaring heat that sees temperatures often go above 100 degrees, it’s obvious that ice cream is a popular treat in Gilbert. But you’ll never hit up the ice cream truck again after trying one of the mind blowing gelatos from Frost. Their vast array of unique flavors include gems like Nutella, white chocolate macadamia nut, chai tea, and a spicy jalapeno.



9. Gilbert, Arizona Will Teach You To Fly

Gilbert, Arizona is the place to beThere are two types of people in the world. Those who are scared of the circus (all those clowns!) and those who dreamt about running off with it. At Trapeze U, everybody wins because you can learn how to become a stellar trapeze artist without a single clown watching and waiting to kill you in your sleep



10. Get Up Close And Personal With The Theater

Gilbert, Arizona is the place to beGilbert’s Hale Centre Theatre’s intimate seating provides visitors with something that the other local theaters don’t: on stage seating. Set in a rectangle around the floor stage, there isn’t a bad seat to be had. The cast puts on multiple productions a year that make for a great show for adults and children.



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