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Pros and Cons of Owning a Swimming Pool in Arizona

Owning a swimming pool in ArizonaMost Arizona home buyers enter the market having already decided whether they want a home with a swimming pool. Some people avoid pools for safety reasons, while others choose a traditional backyard to save costs. Yet, others desire a pool for the entertainment value. For those who just can’t decide, here are some pros and cons of owning a swimming pool in Arizona: 

PRO: Entertainment Value. We all remember that one kid in school who had the coolest house with the coolest swimming pool. Or perhaps one of your childhood best friends had a pool – how many great weekends or summer days did you spend by that pool? For me, the idea of having my own pool has been romanticized by fun memories of enjoying a pool that belonged to someone else. Now I want that to be me. I’ve always enjoyed hosting so having a pool feels right. But is it worth the cost? Owning a swimming pool in Arizona

CON: Maintenance. Owning a swimming pool in Arizona requires year-round maintenance. That’s because our climate does not require that we “close down” the pool for the winter. This means that you will either maintain it yourself or pay a company to maintain it for you. The former option is cheapest – you will pay for the chemicals only. The latter option requires that you pay for the chemicals and the service of the pool company, 12 months a year. While this obviously costs more, it gives you freedom from worry. The pool will stay sanitary and clean year round. 

Owning a swimming pool in Arizona

Costs for maintenance vary by company so you should get quotes from several. Also ask around – many people own pools so referrals are usually the best way to find a good price.

The other cost increase you face is electricity. The pool pump runs around the clock and adds up. This may be worth the enjoyment but you should first make sure your budget can handle it – especially with a new mortgage and insurance payments.



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PRO:  Selling feature. Owning a swimming pool in Arizona is a great selling feature. Most people – even those who claim they don’t want a pool – won’t fuss too much if they like the house and it happens to have a pool. The resale value is always increased by the presence of a swimming pool. 

Owning a swimming pool in Arizona

CON: Adding a swimming pool after purchasing a home increases the home’s resale value but the increase will likely be less than the cost of the pool. For example, if you spend $40,000 on a swimming pool, you are not able to simply sell the home for $40,000 more than you paid for it. So if you are interested in adding a pool, be sure it is for entertainment purposes rather than investment. 

PRO: Exercise. Owning a swimming pool in Arizona means great exercise for you and your kids! Playing in the pool will burn an average of 340 calories an hour – a great way to keep that beach body while bronzing that beautiful skin. (Source: 

Owning a swimming pool in Arizona

CON: Repairs and danger. Pool repairs are expensive! Any time you have to resurface, address structural problems or leaks, plan to spend a lot of money. The pool pump and related equipment is also very expensive to replace. When buying a home, be sure to have a qualified technician inspect the pool and equipment to anticipate any such costs. 

Owning a swimming pool in Arizona

Pools are dangerous! If you have small children, you should be aware of the dangers. Be sure to buy a pool with a reliable locking gate around the pool or pay to install one. This also protects you from potential liability that may arise in the event of a neighbor child wandering into your backyard. 

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